De-cluttering is a Spiritual Practice!

The School of Gypsy Arts

To a certain extent all of us are guilty of clutter…

Maybe you have a junk room (I did until a few days ago!) or a closet that is filled to the brim with stuff…I bet you can’t remember the contents of what is stored in there…each time you de-clutter you find buried treasures!

The energy clutter brings into your space is one of chaos…you aren’t able to find what you are looking for and waste tons and tons of time looking for missing items that are simply lost in the mayhem…yes, the mayhem of clutter!

You know you have clutter when you end up purchasing a replacement for the lost item which you end up find days, weeks, or months later…then you end up with two identical items! Of course, you don’t want to give-away or donate the second  item in case you lose the first one again…at…

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